Why Insights and Design Thinking Work So Well Together - Part 2 of 3

We continue the conversation where we left off in Part 1

What specific services do you offer?

C: We help companies develop innovation roadmaps that deliver growth. We know that every company is starting from a different spot in that process so right off the bat we work to understand the ‘lay of the land’ for that specific company or team.  

We develop the plan that will create a successful innovation program and then we helpexecute that plan. If we need user understanding up front we will conduct surveys, in-home interviews, focus groups, store visits - whatever will get us the information we need to understand users. We help with brainstorming and can facilitate creative sessions, as well as provide assistance in getting prototypes developed. We have creative writers, designers, and engineers that can get early concepts and prototypes written, drawn or developed. We can even provide training on how to help your organization think differently for improved innovation.

Who should use amplify insights + innovation and why?

C: Growth-oriented companies that have identified user-influenced innovation as the most likely source for that growth are where we can most effectively use our capabilities. Our clients usually have a desire to develop a plan for their innovation — they aren’t just looking for the next quick hit, they are looking for a coherent plan for several years out. 


A: Companies that want to grow their brands through innovative new products, services or experiences. We help them accomplish this growth by developing a user insight based strategic road map so they are using their time and resources effectively.  It doesn’t make sense to keep going back to the well for more ideas when you can be using your time and money to execute a great plan for profits and growth.  

What is your biggest accomplishment and setback?

A: My biggest professional accomplishment is probably my career in general. When I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design, there were very few women in the field of Industrial Design and Innovation. 

I tend to be very optimistic and look at every setback as an opportunity to learn, course correct and move forward. It is because of this, I can’t name a specific biggest setback that has really made the most impact, they all have had a significant impact.

How do you stay current?

C: I spend a part of every morning reviewing key news outlets, Fast Company and a quick spin through my LinkedIn feed. I have the free version of Feedly set for innovation related information so I also take a quick look at that.  

A: We also attend conferences and events to stay current with state-of-the-art advancements in our industry and keep track of trends in many industries so we can bring fresh ideas to our clients.  This year I've attended a trend conference and an innovation conference and I'll be attending a design thinking conference coming up soon. 

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