Using Trends Like 3D Printing to Inspire New Ideas

3D printing is a process trend that has been growing for decades. It is an additive technique that is used to quickly build 3-dimensional objects by companies developing new products, structures or environments and came about in response to the quickened pace to getting new ideas out the door, into the marketplace as quickly as possible. The need for speed is the driving trend while the techniques, processes and materials used in 3D printing have changed rapidly over the years. In the past several years, the accessibility of 3D printing has exploded due to smaller, less expensive desktop printers. Additionally, new materials are being explored.  The most widely used materials are resins that range in color and flexibility. Some of the newest materials used today are medical grade, capable of being used in the human body as replacement parts such as blood vessels and bone tissue. There are also highly structural materials such as concrete and metals or transparent glass. 

How might you do the same in your industry - taking a trend, such as the quickening pace of doing business, and turn it into a new way of doing something?